Monday, April 30, 2012

At Last!

I got to take a quick trip to Virginia. I hadn't been back since my Tour de Virginia in February which was entirely too fast, as all my visits seem to be. We got in late Friday night but it was so nice to surprise Dad with his two girls home the same weekend.
Not the best iPhone photo but it was good enough to send to Mom who was on a quilting retreat with her friends... so weird.

While Julie and Jason headed off to a wedding on Saturday, we hung around the house, played with our niece and nephews, had a chinese food dinner, celebrated Jeni's birthday
had bathtime with the kiddos, and talked late into the night about religion.
We also stopped by the Grandparents house to visit and even stopped by our friend Steve in Maryland to see his new house he is building. Jam packed with fun weekend. Just how I like them.


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