Monday, April 2, 2012

In like a Lion

And out like a lamb. That is what they say March is supposed to be like. But our month has been more like all lion and no lamb. Busy, busy, busy with no break in sight. I mostly like it. But the increasing work hours for J is no fun and I am getting antsy about not visiting Virginia in so long. But things are good. Just busy like a lion.

On Friday night we celebrated Doctor's day and headed to dinner at our favorite place in Chagrin Falls. We even got a table right by the window with a great view.

We had errands to run during the weekend. The BMW finally had the snow tires taken off, I did my 6 mile training run!, and then we headed out to the shooting range.
It was freezing in that place! We had a good time and I even was able to hit the target mostly where I was aiming. My arm was really tired by the end though.

We topped off Saturday with some sangria and Cheesecake Factory and of course, watching Ohio State in the NCAA basketball tournament... that is until I fell asleep! And just like that... it was April!


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