Monday, April 23, 2012

Overdue Champagne Sunday

Jared finally had a day off call this past weekend. 24 hours with no pager, no driving to the hospital, no waiting for the next patient to call or a trauma to occur. The perfect time for a Champagne Sunday!
As the weather changed from a lovely 80 degrees on Friday... where I wore my cowboy boots for the first time...  
to a frigid 35 on Sunday (with the possibility of snow that night!) we popped the champagne for mimosas and spent the day at home. We watched the latest Mission Impossible movie where I verified that I still can't stand Tom Cruise... so wish he hadn't gone crazy a few years ago. Just stay Top Gun Tom and I would be fine.

Later that day we took our Sunday drive that we have missed recently. And stopped off at a new shop called Sweetie Fry. Where of course we needed to try the funnel cake fries. Delicious!
We FaceTimed with Julie, Jason (who were wearing matching shirts, so funny) and Madison. She was loving on a little lamb card of all things that we sent her for Easter. It was a great weekend in Cleveland, Sunday especially.


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