Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Appliances (Our 4th Anniversary!)

Four years ago I was here...
with him...
getting married!
I loved that day!

Your 4th wedding anniversary gift traditionally is flowers or fruit. A more modern version is apparently linen or silk. And as an alternative... appliances. If you know me, appliances would be a bad idea for a gift. I do like gadgets though, and for some reason want every kitchen item you could own but not as a gift. I know, I am picky but I feel like that is for the house, not me.

To celebrate our 4 years of marriage, (Wow! How has it possibly been that long already?) we tried some alternatives to an appliance, or a personal appliance. For Jared this would be the mountain bike he has been wanting to get for years. 

I got some fancy new shades from Ray Ban. Lets hope this time I don't go all "Incredible Hulk" and rip them in half like a two of pairs I recently broke.  Oops! There were also flowers, cards, calls and gifts from family. So very nice of them, especially the gift from my sister and her family. Chocolate covered strawberries, which were to die for!
To celebrate we went out to our place for dinner. Where we got engaged, where we have gone for each anniversary, where we love to just be together. Fillet with crab, my favorite summer cocktail - the white cosmo, and cheesecake. Delicious!

Of course when we got home we watched our wedding video. And even though he complains a little about watching it every year, I know he loves it as much as I do. Happy Anniversary to us! We are the luckiest.


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