Thursday, June 21, 2012

His Last Year

July 1st begins J's last year of training... his 7th year... and we are excited! I was able to snap a photo of him in his office recently. Just too cute! I am so proud of this man.
We met all the new interns last night at a local bar called the Winking Lizard. It is so surreal to think back... 6 years ago when his training started. Back then, we weren't even engaged yet. Still doing the long distance relationship thing, trying to make it work being so far away from each other. His surgery residency seemed like it would be forever. Then 2 years more for plastics? Yikes! But it has been good. So good. So we celebrated. To the beginning of the end and then a new beginning. We treated some of the newbies and just had a great night.
It really has been a fast 6 years looking back. Not sure what Jared would say about that. I know this has all been a bit more challenging for him. :) Cheers to whatever comes next!


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