Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Where did the week go?

This past week just blew by! Jared is working like crazy this month. So much call that is supposed to be at home but keeps him at the hospital... trauma season at the Level 1 Trauma Center = no fun and him working like back in his general surgery residency days. I can't wait until it is done!! In between working we were able to watch both Planet of the Apes and John Carter this past week. Loved them both!

On the weekend we headed over to J's Aunt and Uncle's house for some pool time. Of course, ZERO photos taken by me. I must be in a lazy summer haze... no photos?!? Luckily I got a few from our friends who met us for the afternoon. Stacey came with her daughter and Shannon with her 3 kiddos.
J and I were completely spent after they left. Being fun "Miss Jenny & Mr. Jared" is exhausting sometimes!
We ended the weekend on Sunday with a trip on Dr. Classen's boat. It was such a nice night we drove the Jeep out on the beach.
I love summer!


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