Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012 - VA

This year Jared had 15 days off. The longest vacation he has ever had! So after picking up a few moonlighting shifts for some spending money, we headed out on our road trip vacation! Or the Tour de East Coast! Our first stop was Virginia, obviously. An as always too quick of a visit.

Tuesday night I stayed up late talking to my parents. Dad unfortunately was going to be flying the rest of my short visit. Wednesday was filled to the brim, being the only full day we were in town. We ran errands with Mom to Toy stores of course and had lunch at Coastal Flats.
After a hair appointment, where I finally felt like myself again, we visited the Grandparents, played Red Light, Green light, soccer and airplanes with Jacob while Jared talked mountain bikes with Joey while he was grilling chicken and Jeni was making Red, Hot & Blue potato salad.

I was also excited to see Natalie who had moved back to the USA from far far away! We drove in her new car to see her new house! I can't wait to see the inside, so happy for her and Bri. She stayed for dinner and talked away with me, Mom, and Jeni for hours and hours.
Later that night I snapped this photo of Jeff with both Buddy and Jack sneakily snuggling with him. Dad was not happy to get this text! And just like that, it was time to go. Driving away to another stop on our trip. Oh, Virginia how I always miss you.


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