Sunday, June 3, 2012


On Friday night Jared was on call at the hospital. Far away in NYC Jason was out of town as well. So us sisters had a FaceTime date. Coincidentally we had been watching the same show all those miles apart. We talked, surfed the Internet, watched movies, folded clothes and just hung out... all over our iPads!

And even though it isn't the same as seeing her... I just love it and am so happy we can do this. Makes me feel like family isn't really as far away.

Saturday was spent family tree hunting. Over the last year we have been watching the show "Who Do You Think You Are?" and both sides of the family have been working on family trees. We have been working with J's family to trace back to the Revolutionary War. We drove to a not-so-great area now to see where his grandmother grew up... unfortunately the building is now gone. 
We saw the private academy she attended and as odd as it is, we went to one of the cemeteries here to find some of his ancestors plots. The hard part was seeing J's face when after walking all over the place, figure out where they are buried and there is no headstone.
On Sunday Jared's cousin graduated from High School.  Troy has been like a cousin to me too, since meeting him way back in 2001 when I visited with Jared when he was applying to medical school. And I think kinda like a little brother to Jared. I mean, goodness don't they look alike?
We spent the afternoon celebrating Troy and the adventures at the University of Kentucky that lie ahead for him. His graduation present was pretty cool too… a Roush Mustang. We told him we would take care of the car while he was away at school. J


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