Thursday, July 7, 2011


I read an article today that said schools in Indiana are going to stop teaching cursive. This really makes sense, I mean who even writes ANYTHING these days? I remember when my littlest brother was in elementary school they told my Mom it didn't matter what his handwriting looked like, he would be typing everything anyway.  They were right, and boy he can type fast!

But it does make me kind of sad because there is just something special, personal about a hand written note. Not that you need to write in cursive, it just makes it so much prettier! I know who a letter is from without looking at the signature, their own style just shows through the words. I think it is also tied to my love of getting mail!   

I use to think all those stationary supplies were so silly. Who needs so much paper, pens, envelopes and stamps? Well, all I had to do is move away and now I'm an addict. Searching for a cute note card here, found at The Little Monogram Shop in Chagrin Falls,
an address stamp there, found at Emilie Friday...
I am just addicted to cute little note cards and pretty handwriting. So it makes me a little sad to see the beginning of the end of cursive.


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