Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Super fantastical summertime

Who knew the theme the here at ECGML would be sunshine and pool time all summer long? Who knew it would be sooo beautiful every weekend? I sure wasn't expecting it after the bleak spring we had. But it has been great. Hot, hot, hot and so nice and sunshiny!
I was a slacker and hardly got the camera out at all except for this sun through the clouds photo. 
It is just too hard when you are either wet from the pool or laying out with oil all over. :) I know, rough life!

We had a great weekend here at home. Started off with another Mexican food margarita Friday night with a different group of friends than last weekend. Saturday was a little slow starting but then the fun began with pool time all day with Stacey and her daughter Mya. The weekend was topped off with dinner out with J's Aunt and Uncle and a lazy Sunday of movie watching and laying like broccoli. Oh, summer. How I love thee.


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