Thursday, July 28, 2011

Summer Birthdays

There are so many people to celebrate this week with birthdays on both sides of the family! Today is my Grandpa B's 80th Birthday! In recent years, he has had some health problems and his memory is going, which is really tough. But he still has such an infectious laugh. This is me and my sister with him back in 2009... I need some new photos!
Next up is my Dad's 56th birthday on August 1st. I am such the Daddy's girl and am so sad I can't be there to celebrate with him where we would go car shopping, run errands, eat a delicious dinner (made by Mom, of course!) and watch movies late into the night. Love you Daddy!
August 2nd is Jake's 3rd birthday. Wow, how has it been 3 years already?!? I feel terrible missing this one especially since I have not been able to make it to one of his birthday parties yet. Living in Ohio makes it tough to make it to all the events but I love this little filet 'o fish to pieces and will be thinking about him all day! 
August 5th is Madison's 1st birthday. My newest little niece, here she is at her early party last month squinting from my flash photo. Oh little Miss Maddy! You make my sister, and us all, so very happy! Love you!
And last but certainly not least is my mother-in-law, Christine's 60th birthday on August 6th. This woman helped make J the man he is and I am so thankful. I wish we saw J's family more often. We love relaxing with lemon drop martinis and visiting in Florida. Hope to see you all soon!  
Happy Birthday to you all! I wish I was there to celebrate with you. Love you all so very much!!


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