Sunday, July 24, 2011

Flying By

I feel like I blink my eyes and another week flies by. Why, oh why can't the winter go by fast like this? Another week gone and ANOTHER week with hardly any photos taken or blogging. Bummer.
Speaking of flying, the first part of last week was spent in Boston for work. I love that I get to fly here and there and travel for my job. This trip was with 2 of my coworkers, one being my boss, to visit a Harvard doctor and evaluate his project for spaceflight on the ISS. So cool!
We had a little down time in between meetings and our flight home so I was able to get a MUCH overdue pedicure with some uncharacteristically pink toes...
and then we hit up the Museum of Science for the rest of the afternoon. What else would 3 engineers in Boston do? Ha! It was great with both dinosaurs and lightning demonstrations.
When I returned home it was hot, hot, HOT! The Midwest was feeling a little more like the Middle East!
But never fear... a few cocktails at our favorite place on Friday night and weekend pool time with Katie and The Dorn family helped cool us off.
And now it is practically August! My summer, flying by...


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