Monday, March 19, 2012


This past weekend was supposed to be busy. Jared was going to be working like crazy, on call at the trauma center and the weather was going to be amazing. Which is bad for working at a trauma center. Good weather = more people out being dumb and needing emergency surgery. I had a ton to get finished, spring cleaning mostly and my little project I still hadn't started from last month.

So we were prepared for a disappointing weekend of work for him and chores for me. But we were lucky. Maybe it was because of St. Patrick's day. Or maybe because of the GORGEOUS 70 degree weather in March no less! While there was a little bit of work and chores, mostly there was sunshine and happiness.

There was Guiness & Harp with some tasty Irish food at Claddagh (where we have spent the last 4 St. Patty's), Irish dancers, and Jameson shots for some crazy reason.
But mostly there was just us. Hanging around our little town of Cleveland. Running errands, catching a movie (21 Jump Street is hilarious!), and just being...
So lucky!  


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